Devising Original Theatre

There is nothing more exciting or rewarding as a drama teacher than inspiring your students to create their own work. In this workshop I will be covering lots of ideas and approaches for how to equip your students with the right techniques, influences and dramatic philosophies to produce outstanding collaborative work. We will be discussing practitioner influences; rehearsal techniques and how supporting resources can help to facilitate your students process.


  • Steven Pleasants Drama Resources
    Steven Pleasants

    Steven Pleasants is a British educator and theatre practitioner who has been leading outstanding Drama and Performing Arts training for teachers and students in the UK and beyond. Steven is currently Head of Curricular Drama at ArtsEd and works as an Educational Consultant for The Royal Court in London. He helped reform the National Curriculum for Drama in the UK and has recently published a series of helpful educational resources for teachers breaking down practitioner techniques and designing new schemes of work. You can find out more about his resources by visiting