Intro to the Canadian Improv Games

In this workshop taught by CIG Program Manager Spencer Dunn- teachers will have the opportunity to warm up with some improv games and learn online improv techniques. Doing Improv on an online format can be challenging but this game swap and warm up will equip teachers with the skills to run an effective warm up with their students and introduce them to the Canadian Improv Games 2021/2022 program!


Friday 2:40 PM - 4:00 PM

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  • Canadian Improv Games
    Spencer Dunn

    Spencer Dunn has been improvising with the Canadian Improv Games (CIG) since 2009 when he was a fresh faced grade 11 student at Grimsby Secondary School. He has volunteered in every capacity available with the CIG and in March of 2020 he came on as the Program Manager! He is the sole employee of the CIG and is excited for the world to open up this year so he can go back to teaching improv in person! (and get out of the house). His workshop will be all about how to participate in the CIG and what it takes to be a CIG coach! The CIG will be hosting 11 regional tournaments this year in-person and he hopes to see you at one of them!