The Film Biz Seminar

Welcome to ActorVan Studios. Join us for our Film Business Orientation Seminar for Actors. We’ll answer all of your questions regarding the TV/Film industry and help guide you through the initial steps of launching your acting career. The seminar is led by Actor Van Owner and Coach, Marc Gaudet. It is extremely daunting to start on this acting journey without sound advice on how to go about getting a solid start. Whether you are a “new” actor or “returning to the biz,” contact Actorvan and join us for the Film Biz Seminar


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    Marc Gaudet

    Marc Gaudet has been in the Film Business for over 20 years. As the owner of ActorVan Studios, he is thrilled to guide actors in moving their careers forward through classroom training and casting director workshops. Recent bookings include Mahalia, A Million Little things, Taking a Shot at Love. Twilight Zone & Supergirl.