New Drama Teachers Lifeline: Building Relationships

All new teachers and new to the drama classroom welcome! Relationships are key to managing the drama classroom. In this workshop you will learn why it's more important to understand the relationship to your students rather than with your students. Learn how to cultivate a safe space for students within your environment. You will also learn of networking oportunities to collaborate with other drama teachers. These peer to peer relationships are equally as important to build. Finally relationships to those people and companies in the professional theatre industry that can be a lifeline too.


  • EdTA Canada
    Craig Wrotniak

    Craig is the Executive Director of EdTA Canada. He is also a drama & theatrical arts teacher in BC Canada with 15 years of experience. He runs a 220 seat theatre and full time program at North Surrey Secondary School. He has won numerous awards for his work directing youth productions and he is also a profrossional member of IATSE working behind the scenes in the live performance industry on the side.