What is a Thespian Troupe exactly? Troupe Development in Canadian Schools & Thespian Festival Opprotunities in Canada & Internationally

Join EdTA Canada's Executive Director Craig Wrotniak in a discussion around: "What is a Thespian Troupe?", "How do I get one started at my school?", "How will our drama program grow and how will my students will benefit from an EdTA Canada ITS Troupe at my school?". We will also lay out the exciting new programs that EdTA Canada is doing across the country for both our Troupe schools and non-Troupe schools. If you want to do something new and exciting for your students you will want to check out this session.


Saturday 4:15 PM - 5:35 PM

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  • EdTA Canada
    Craig Wrotniak

    Craig is the Executive Director of EdTA Canada. He is also a drama & theatrical arts teacher in BC Canada with 15 years of experience. He runs a 220 seat theatre and full time program at North Surrey Secondary School. He has won numerous awards for his work directing youth productions and he is also a profrossional member of IATSE working behind the scenes in the live performance industry on the side.