Commedia dell Arte- Traditional European live editorial cartoons.

In this workshop participants will be asked to set up their computer monitors so that they can watch and physically follow the instructor as he demonstrates the stance, movement and gesture of each of the seven staple Commedia dell’ Arte stock mask characters- Arlechino, Brighella, Pantalone, Capitano, Dottore, Pulchinella and Tartaglia. Each of these characters are deeply ingrained in American culture as we see their descendants in cartoons, situation comedies, live standup comedy and vaudeville shows. The monitor/camera set up will also benefit participants as each will also be paired off and work together with their partner to produce a brief scene highlighting movement unique to their mask character as they share a brief scenario that develops the three dimensionality of each of the two characters as they improvise a live comic strip scene together… from two different zoom rooms.


  • The Maskery
    Craig Jacobrown

    Craig began training in the Jaques Lecoq method of mask carriage and clowning at the Theatre Elan School, through the theatrical traditions of the Basel Carnival and Commedia dell’ Arte mask traditions. He continued his studies of masks and puppetry traditions in Bali, Turkey and in Canadian Indigenous communities where one teacher told him that he must design and carve his own masks and puppets to be able to capture the movement and become a true clown. With the blessings of his teachers Craig has designed, written, and performed his own Balinese style puppet and mask performances, Turkish Karagoz ‘Living Newspaper’ shadow puppetry performances and many performances with the Hamumu Arts Collective ( highlighting the stories of several Northwest Indigenous storytellers and culture keepers. He and his wife and son run a mask design, fabrication and training company called The Maskery (