Improv and acting to bring confidence in language learning (Teaching French or English as a second language through Drama)

I will showcase some of my favorite games, and how I create new ones to always have fun with my students learning how to speak French or English and secretly to keep myself entertained by not doing the same games over and over. We will play those games with the participants. 


Friday 2:40 PM - 4:00 PM

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  • Griottes Polyglottes
    Ingrid Broussillon

    I moved from France to Vancouver in 2017 intending to become fluent in English. I hoped that my passion for acting and improv would help me reach that goal, but a place to practice languages through acting and improv didn’t exist. In the meantime, I found a job as a project manager but I found that I was lacking confidence to express myself in English. I found out that a lot of people learned French in School but they do not use it, either they don’t have the opportunity or due to their lack of confidence. I then decided to create my own company to give people the opportunity to learn French through acting, storytelling, and improv, and just have fun with it. My main goal is to provide a fun, safe, and judgment-free environment for them to learn and express themselves in this beautiful and romantic language.