Establishing Collaborative Equity

All of our productions, both professional and community...all our classes welcome artists with a huge range of lived perspectives. The beauty of this is... that at any given time a production or class will have participants from a wide range of cultures, abilities (cognitive, physical, mental health), ages, genders and theatrical experience. What this workshop provides is a process that establishes a respectful, rigorous and safe creative risk environment leading to a tight and generous collaborative theatre ensemble. One of the simplest explanations is that this process brings together experienced and emerging artists who would normally never have the opportunity to creatively collaborate together. The unique perspective of each and every participant is valued and honored.


Friday 11:30 AM - 12:50 PM

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  • Theatre Terrific
    Susanna Uchatius

    Susanna Uchatius – Theatre Terrific Artistic Director - Susanna Uchatius has worked over 35 years directing, writing, acting and teaching theatre. Her BFA is from SFU School for Contemporary Arts, voice at Banff Centre for the Arts with Richard Armstrong, the UBC National Voice Intensive, and work with Anne Bogart of Siti Theatre NY to name a few. She is an Equity, CAEA and IFTR (International Federation of Theatre Research) member. Susanna has been the Artistic Director of Theatre Terrific, Western Canada’s longest running inclusive theatre company in Vancouver, since 2005. Having collaboratively developed over 30 professional, community and site-specific productions; she pioneered an accessible respectful, rigorous and risk-taking collaborative ensemble process, unifying professional and emerging actors who may or may not identify as living with physical, cognitive, mental health, gender, cultural and age differences. All works speak to universal human issues relevant in today’s personal, family, societal and global community. Awards include: Nightswimming Pure Research Award for voice exploration, Metro Vancouver Inclusion Through Innovation Award, Jessie nomination for Vancouver NOW 2016 “For persistent and ongoing commitment to inclusive casting and creative processes.” The Glass Box was published in Playwrights Canada Press, scenes from Egni’s Eye were juried to perform at the School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick, England. Roy & Janet was a finalist for the Vancouver Fringe Festival Risk Award. Susanna is honored to collaboratively create inclusive theatre; respectfully learning “from and with” the voices, perceptions and lived stories of the human community, in all its diverse, mosaic wonder.