Basic Lighting Design for schools: house plot, patch and magic sheets (Metro Vancouver HUB)

Have you ever struggled with trying to decide how to setup lighting in your school theatre space?

This workshop gives you a basic light design & setup for general class use. As well, this workshop gives you a starting point to plan for your shows & events.

Along with some general lighting theory and information about "patch" and "magic sheets", you will learn basic design concept and simple set up of a house plot that works for most school stages.

Please note: information will be geared towards the use of an ETC Element or Ion console. However, most the concepts can be applied to any lighting board. As well, the specific lights that will be shown in the design are ETC Source fours but again it can be adapted to other types of lights.


Friday 10:00 AM - 11:20 AM
Room Theatre

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  • BC Thespians
    Glen Pope

    Glen Pope is a teacher in the Surrey school district. Before becoming a drama teacher, he trained and worked as a stage technician. He's worked with a number of schools both in public and private system as a drama teacher, as well as a technician and theatre manager. He has his MA in theatre from WWU and a BEd in Drama from UofA.  In the Langley school district, he was the theatre manager for the Chief Sepass Theatre (Langley fine Arts School) and started their after school Tech Theater class. He also started & helped create a district-wide weekend technical theatre program for Langley and Surrey students. Recently, Glen was the education rep. for the BC chapter of CITT (Canadian institute of theatre technology.) He continues to work on the BC chapter of EdTA board and is the Technical Director for their student conferences (Provincial Thespian Festivals). Glen is excited to share his lighting concepts which he is always willing to assist in implementing at school theatres.