Drama as a Tool for Building Social Awareness and Connection

We know that students in a drama class often develop powerful bonds of connection. This connection brings a sense of safety to the classroom so that risky ideas can be explored. What if students were invited to bring their own concerns and questions and shape them into scenarios? What if their discoveries could be turned into performances that could then be shared with their peers and community audiences? What if their work in the classroom could bridge cultural differences and bring awareness to larger issues that impact their lives? These questions will form the basis of the workshop as we share our own experiences and ideas for social action as drama educators and discuss what we feel called to do with our students in our own educational contexts. Be prepared for small breakout room discussions and large group check-ins on Zoom.


  • Annie Smith

    Annie Smith's love of theatre began in Children's Creative Drama class. She has taught drama and theatre at all levels, from pre-school to post-secondary, and directed theatre productions and musicals for all ages in educational and community contexts. She has found that drama is a wonderful way to bridge between cultures and differing life experiences. It is also a powerful tool to examine social issues and to work towards reconciliation. The focus of her doctoral work was to understand how people create community between them when they perform together. Exploring through drama allows us to see the lines of relationship between us all. Annie has published in Theatre Research in Canada and Canadian Theatre Review.