Introducing Shakespeare (Victoria HUB)

Most high schools require the teaching of one Shakespearean work per year. Generally, kids get through it and are happy to move on. But, what if you were able to introduce it in such a way that the entire class fell in love with the language and the works? You, as the drama teacher, could be the one to turn this cannon of work into something the students were anxious to explore and present. This workshop will be filled with games, exercises and improvs that will make this one of the most fun units of your semester. The materials and exercises will be suitable for in-person and on-line learning.


Friday 1:40 PM - 3:00 PM
Room Theatre

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  • Talia Pura

    Talia Pura is the author of two drama teaching resource books, STAGES: Creative Ideas for Teaching Drama, and CUES: Theatrical Projects from Classroom to Stage. She co-wrote (with Joyce Storey) two books of monologues: 75 New Monologues Kids Will Love!, and 101 Awesome Original Monologues for 20-Somethings. She is also a stage and film writer, actor, director, designer and producer. Another passion is sharing her brand of devised theatre, which she has done through presenting workshops around the world. Talia is a Canadian who is known around the world for her work in educational theatre.