Assessment Tools, Tips and Techniques for the Drama class & Theatre Production process

Learn about tips, tricks and resources that can help you level up your assessment practices in the drama classroom, and/or in the theatre production process.


Saturday 6:00 PM - 7:20 PM

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  • EdTA USA
    Cory Wilkerson

    Ms. Cory Wilkerson is a theatre educator, director and administrator from the Hershey, PA area, currently employed by the Educational Theatre Association as Education Director. In her work with EdTA Ms. Wilkerson is responsible for facilitating professional learning for theatre education teachers nationally and curating and developing the EdTA online learning center – Theatre Educator Pro. Ms. Wilkerson holds dual degrees in theatre and education and as a former theatre educator was a specialist in drama for youth, training in creative movement and devised theatre in Scotland and the UK. She taught Middle School drama for ten years and drama k-12 in a private school before leaving teaching to become an arts consultant specializing in curriculum development and assessment. Ms. Wilkerson is the proud recipient of a PA legislative certificate of achievement for her work in youth theatre and the 2020 EdTA Founder’s Award for her career long impact on theatre education.